Battery Drop Test Machine 丨Battery Drop Impact Test Machine丨Battery Free Drop Tester
Battery Drop Test Machine 丨Battery Drop Impact Test Machine丨Battery Free Drop Tester

Item specifics

The weight of the test piece
Drop height
400~1500mm (adjustable)
Control method
metal button control
Lifting method
automatic lifting
Falling method
free fall
Drop surface size




BATTERY DROP TEST MACHINE is suitable for the free fall test of small consumer electronic products and parts such as mobile phones (mobile phones), walkie-talkies, electronic dictionaries, intercom phones in building apartments, CD/MD/MP3, etc.; the machine adopts pneumatic structure and will be tested. Place it in a special fixture (adjustable stroke) to clamp firmly, press the drop button, the cylinder is released, the specimen will be tested in a free fall, the height of the drop can be adjusted up and down, the altimeter can know the drop height of the specimen, the key components of this machine Reliable performance, a variety of drop floors are available.


GB/T 31241-2014 "Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products"

UN38.3 "United Nations Manual of Transport Tests and Standards for Dangerous Goods"

IEC62133 "Battery (group) composed of batteries and safety requirements for portable equipment"

UL 1642:2012 "Lithium Battery Standard"

Main Parameters

1. The weight of the test piece


2. Drop height

 4001500mm (adjustable);

3. Control method

 metal button control;   

4. Lifting method

 automatic lifting;

5. Falling method

 free fall;

6. Height accuracy


7. Height display

 LED screen display;

8. Clamping method

 pneumatic clamp;

9. Material of drop board

 steel plate;

10. Air source


11. Drop surface size

 560x410x10mm (width x depth x height);

12. Dimensions

 570x650x1730mm (width x depth x height);

13. Weight


14. Power source:

 1∮, 220V, 3A