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What is the the influence of temperature and humidity on electronic products?

The influence of temperature and humidity on electronic productsHigh temperature environment: When the ambient temperature rises by 10°C, the life of the electronic product will be reduced by half; when the ambient temperature rises by 20°C, the life of the electronic product will be reduced to a quarter. High temperature also causes aging, oxidation, vaporization, physical deformation, etc.Low temperature environment: It will cause product embrittlement, icing, reduction of mechanical strength, physical shrinkage, etc.Humidity and water vapor: Many materials swell and deteriorate after absorbing moisture, decrease material strength and mechanical properties. Insulating materials that absorb moisture will not only cause electrical performance degradation, but also cause failures under certain conditions . Humidity also causes corrosion, diffusion, hydrolysis, mold, etc. So temperature and humidity testing is very important for electronic products.                    Huda focus on temperature and humidity test chamber with 17+ years and aims to develop agency to serve for our customers all over the world.                   If you are in electronic products field or have interests in this test chamber, please contact us for more details. hud05@hudatest.com

What is different applications between 3 kinds of vibration test machine?

The different applications between High-frequency vibration table & Electromagnetic vibrating table & Simulated transportation vibration table1. High-frequency vibration table: it suitable for aerospace, automotive parts, LEB optoelectronics, semiconductors, plastics and other colleges and universities and scientific research units.2. Electromagnetic vibrating table: it is suitable for testing the structural hardness of semi-finished products or finished samples, and screening out defective products in advance through the vibration test of the electromagnetic vibrating table.3. Simulated transportation vibration table: it suitable for testing the packaged products to be transported, and test the protection of the packaging on the product during transportation.Huda has high quality vibration tables and can provide customized services,if any interests,please contact us.hud05@hudatest.com High-frequency vibration table Electromagnetic vibrating table Simulated transportation vibration table

Six Testing For Toxic And Hazardous Substances

1. VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)Including: cyclohexanone, isophorone, methanol, ethanol, phenol, acetone, ethyl acetate, benzene, n-butanol, methyl isobutyl ketone, n-butyl acetate, xylene (ortho, m, p ), toluene, styrene, 1,2-dichlorobenzene, acetophenone, methyl ethyl ketone, isopropanol, dichloromethane, trichloroethylene, ethylbenzene, n-hexane, 2-methoxyethyl acetate 2. RoHSIncluding: lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls PBBs, polybrominated diphenyl ethers PBDEs; 3. REACH regulations (specially SVHC test) 4. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)Including: acenaphthylene, acenaphthylene, anthracene, benzo(a)anthracene, benzo(b)fluoranthene, benzo(j)fluoranthene, benzo(k)fluoranthene, benzo(ghi)perylene (dinaphthalene) Perylene), benzo(a) pyrene, benzo(b) pyrene, benzo(a, n) anthracene, fluoranthene, fluorene, indene benzene (1,2,3-cd) pyrene, naphthalene, Phenanthrene, pyrene; 5. Ortho-benzene (6P, 16P, 22P) plasticizer6P : Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP), Di-n-octyl Phthalate (DNOP), Diisodecyl Phthalate (DIDP), phthalate Bis-(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Benzylbutyl Phthalate (BBP) 6. AsbestosIncluding: asbestos content in the air, asbestos content in materials, asbestos content in mixed substances, asbestos testing in other fields, etc.

What Are The Melt Mass-Flow Rate And Melt Volume-Flow Rate? How To Test?

Melt mass-flow rate is the mass of molten plastic passing through a standard die under the action of a piston under a certain load at a certain time and temperature. The result is converted to the extruded mass of plastic every 10 minutes, the unit is g/10min. Melt volume-flow rate is the volume of molten plastic passing through a standard die under a certain load and a certain position of the piston at a certain temperature, and the result is converted into extruded plastic volume every 10 minutes, the unit cm3/10min. HUD-R803 Melt Flow Tester is used to test the volume flow rate and mass flow rate of thermoplastic melts. Use automatic sampling and balance weighing; then calculate the flow rate according to the formula. The measurement results are displayed on the LCD screen and output by a micro printer.It is suitable for engineering plastics such as fluoroplastics and nylon, as well as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyoxymethylene (POM), and polyphenylene. Ethylene (PS) ABS resin, polycarbonate and other plastics with low melting temperature. It is widely used in plastic products, petrochemical industries, related universities, research institutes, and commodity inspection departments. More information,please click :https://www.hudatest.com/pid18328664/Plastic-Melt-Flow-Index-Tester.htm Any questions about this,please feel free to contact us.Nicole hud05@hudatest.com

Why And How To Defrost The Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber?

When testing, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber may need to be defrosted.What is the defrost? How to defrost the constant temperature and humidity test chamber? Why is it necessary to defrost during testing?The defrosting of the constant temperature and humidity test machine is mainly that the water in the air is cooled and changed into crystals, which become a kind of small ice crystals. The constant temperature and humidity test machine defrosts the frost mainly on the energy storage components in the pre-cooling zone.The constant temperature and humidity test chamber mainly exchanges heat through the mutual conversion of the airflow in the three complementary boxes. Moreover, the air in the three boxes is isolated from the air outside the box. Since these three boxes are closed, the moisture in the box is quantitative. From a theoretical point of view, it is impossible to add some moisture out of thin air to form frost. Then where does this extra moisture form? It is not difficult to know where the moisture comes from. During the test, the user opens the cabinet door of the constant temperature and humidity testing machine, and the moisture in the air enters the cabinet. Therefore, it is not allowed to open the door of the chamber when the constant temperature and humidity testing machine is testing. It will not only increase the cream, but also the authenticity of the test data, and may also cause unnecessary failures.If any questions about constant temperature and humidity test chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more! Huda technology is always there for you.

How To Built & Design a Testing Laboratory For Battery?Which Machines We Need?

Generally, a battery testing laboratory with complete testing capabilities can be planned into the following functional partitions:  1) Electrical performance testing area. The instruments in this area are mainly charge and discharge cabinets, internal resistance testers, insulation strength testers, insulation resistance testers, data acquisition equipment, etc.  2) Mechanical performance testing area. The instruments involved in this area include charge and discharge cabinets, vibration test benches, impact and collision test benches, flip test benches, and three comprehensive test benches.  3) Environmental testing area. This area mainly completes temperature, humidity, aging, thermal analysis and other experiments. The equipment involved includes charging and discharging cabinets, high and low temperature chamber, negative pressure chamber, temperature and humidity chamber, thermal analyzers, data acquisition equipment, etc.  .  4) Auxiliary function area, which can be configured according to actual needs, including sample room (place battery samples before and after the test), warehouse (place idle cables, tools, etc.), office, meeting room, rest area, etc.  5) Battery safety testing area. The tests carried out in this area are dangerous, including the risks caused by immature samples and the risks of the test itself, including test items: drop, acupuncture, squeeze, burning, overcharge, overcharge  Projects such as discharge, short circuit, immersion in water, seawater intrusion, high temperature charging and discharging, etc. The equipment involved includes charging and discharging cabinets, drop test benches, acupuncture testers, extrusion testers, combustion testers, short circuit testers, soaking equipment, and temperature & humidity chamber and so on.If any question about Battery test machines,please contact us to know. We could provide professional solutions for you. 

What Need To Pay Attention To When Using The Universal Testing Machine?

The universal testing machine is used in the physical performance test of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products such as stretching, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, and peeling. It is suitable for scientific research departments, universities, colleges and industrial and mining enterprises to conduct mechanical property analysis and production quality inspection of various materials. About the universal testing machine,please click:  What need to pay attention to when using the universal testing machine?1. Before starting or after shutting down, check the surrounding environment to avoid corrosive liquids, ordinary liquids, and glue used in the image tensile machine.2. During the test, pay attention to the elevated position of the movable platform at all times, and shall not exceed the specified range.3. After the machine is started, the operator shall not leave the console without authorization. If any abnormal sound is heard or any malfunction is found, the machine must be shut down immediately.4. The test product should not exceed the value within the sensor range, otherwise the normal function of the sensor will be damaged.5. If the hydraulic pump stops working during the loading process, the instrument must be restarted. After restarting, check what causes the failure to load successfully. Huda is experienced and proactive. We will provide high-quality equipment and determine effective solutions according to your needs.If any questions about universal testing machine,please feel free to contact us to know more! Huda technology is always there for you./aboutus.htm

How to maintain the thermal shock test chamber?

How To Maintain The Thermal Shock Test Chamber? Three Zones Thermal Shock Test Chamber Two Zones Thermal Shock Test Chamber 1. The radiator should be cleaned regularly. Condenser covered by dust will cause the high pressure switch of the compressor to trip and cause false alarm. The condenser should be maintained monthly. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust attached to the condenser radiating net or use a hard brush after turning on the machine. Brush it or blow off the dust with a high-pressure air nozzle. 2. When opening and closing the door or taking the test object from the furnace, do not let the object touch the glue edge of the door to prevent the glue edge from being damaged and shortening the service life. 3. The ground around the fuselage and the bottom should be kept clean at all times to avoid accidents and performance degradation caused by a large amount of dust being sucked into the unit. 4. The refrigeration system is the core of the machine. Please check all the copper pipes for leakage of refrigerant once every six months, and the horn joints and welding joints, if there is oil leakage. 5. The high-current contacts of the power distribution board should be cleaned and overhauled at least once a year in the power distribution room. The loosening of the contacts will put the entire equipment in a dangerous working state. The components will be burned out, and the fire, alarm, and personal injury will be very dangerous. When cleaning Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the indoor dust. 6. The power distribution room is cleaned once a year at least. When cleaning, please use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the indoor dust. The exterior of the cabinet must be cleaned more than once a year, and it can be cleaned with soap and water.If any questions about Thermal shock test chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more!Huda technology is always there for you./aboutus.htm

How to place wet ball gauze in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

How to place wet ball gauze in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?During the humidity test, the wet ball gauze plays an important role in the humidity perception of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber.  The placement of wet ball gauze:1. Take the wet ball gauze out of the packing box and cut about 10cm;2. Put the lower end of the wet ball gauze into the sink to soak it (more easily to perceive the humidity), hang on it or put it on the humidity sensor. The maintenance of wet ball gauze:The wet ball gauze must be hung on the wet ball sensor at the upper end, and the lower end placed in the wet ball gauze sink, so that it can easily absorb the moisture in the sink and get wet. If the wet ball gauze is installed in other places, the humidity sensor will not be able to sense the humidity, resulting in the illusion that the humidity is 100%, the humidity cannot drop, or the humidity cannot be controlled at all. When doing the humidity test, you must check whether the wet ball gauze is hung up properly. If it has been hung, please check whether the gauze is wet. If it is dried out or the water absorption effect is poor, please replace the wet ball gauze in time.

Ozone gas what harm to human body ​

Ozone gas what harm to human body ​Ozone is mainly from the surface of the earth 20 km of the ozone layer, is the oxygen allotropy, mainly from human activities, automobiles, fuel and other important sources of pollution to produce ozone. If you inhale the ozone can cause respiratory infections, contact with the ozone will increase the existing respiratory diseases, and damage people's lung function, because the ozone is very strong corrosive. Ozone also on the human skin in the vitamin E until the destruction of the role, will lead to human skin wrinkling, dark spots, decreased vision, memory loss, but also damage the body's immune capacity, induced lymphocyte chromosomal lesions, accelerated aging, Copier toner heat generated by ozone is a strong carcinogen, it will cause all kinds of cancer and cardiovascular disease. From these aspects, the harm of ozone on the human body is very large, ozone aging test chamber is to simulate and strengthen the atmospheric ozone conditions, the role of ozone on the rubber and the law, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-ozone aging performance And anti-ozone agent protective efficacy of the method, so as to take effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products.

How does Humidity Chambers Work?

How does Humidity Chambers Work?Humidity chamber is a vital testing instrument for analysing the prolong effect of humidity on components to fix its quality parameters. This instrument is not subjected to only one industry applications. It is used in pharmaceuticals, plastic and rubber industries for quality assurance testing.Why are Humidity Chambers used?Temperature and humidity testing help to determine the behavior of the components in severe test conditions and environments that involve fluctuating environment, high temperature, and different relative humidity. The tests can be done with constant temperature and humidity in a static state and can be done in a dynamic state where the moisture is used to induce a failure of the components or materials.“Is it imaginable to produce the accurate level of humidity without the temperature control?” We usually find people asking such kind of questions. Controlling the humidity of the chambers with accuracy and repeatability is quite difficult without controlling the temperature of the machines. If the user wants a dry or humid environment, skipping the temperature controller can affect the accuracy of relative humidity.The higher the temperature of the chamber, it means that the air is capable of handling more moisture at a given temperature. The relative humidity is the ratio of the amount of moisture in the air with respect to the moisture it can hold. It means that relative humidity changes with the change in temperature. Hence, a stable temperature helps to ensure a stable level of relative humidity.Methods of Humidity GenerationThere are numerous methods that are used to create moisture for controlling the level of humidity in test chambers. Let’s discuss the methods of humidity generation in detail. Method 1: “Steam Generator”Steam generators are the tank type machines that are duly equipped with immersion heaters. As the water inside the chamber gets heated, steam is generated inside the tank and rises up to the top of the chamber where cooling coils and heaters actually lies. These chambers work on the output of the heaters and demands of relative humidity. Some of the benefits of steam generators are:Easily generate High Volume of Moisture in Big ChambersThe quality of Water Vapour is Consistent.Method 2: “Atomizer”Atomizers comprises of a fine spray nozzle to atomize the water. This is done in the mixing assembly. As the atomized water passes through the chamber heater, it instantly gets heated. Atomizers are widely used in chambers to create a high level of humidity and offer numerous benefits as well. Some of the benefits of atomizers are mentioned below:Very simple and easy to used systemCapable enough in generating high volume of moistureNo issues with heater burn-outbest to save electricityCools the air. It is beneficial whenever required.Method3: “Water bath” Water Bath systems for humidity generation also works as steam generators but not in the form of enclosed box. A small water bath is fitted in the mixing assembly where heaters and cooling coils are fitted. As the air is drawn in the mixing assembly, it passes through the bath and pick up the vapor. Some of the advantages of using a water bath in chambers includes: Responsive due to small amount of water Doesn’t require boiling procedure to provide moisture Less boiling means less mineral is deposit inside the chamber and requires less maintenance Can be cleaned and inspected quickly.Humidity Chamber – For Determining the Effect of Humidity on ProductsConditioning Chambers are the ideal testing chambers that are incorporated with latest technology features to create different relative humidity and temperature inside the chamber. These chambers ensure less heat loss ratio as they are designed with high quality of insulation with imported glass wool. Chambers comprises of cooling compressors as well as heaters to maintain an appropriate amount of temperature and humidity. The humidity chambers are utilized to judge the effect of different weather conditions on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the products during the real time working on the product.Application of Humidity ChambersHumidity Chambers are utilized in large number of industries to assure the quality of different products and applications such as:Pharmaceutical Industries – To test the effect of highly humid environment on medicines and drugs.Rubber Industries – To determine the crack initiation or melting of rubbers in the hot and cold environment.Plastic Industries – To measure the effect on the mechanical and physical properties of plastic products in a humid environment and high temperatures.

Overview of Environmental Test Chamber

Overview of Environmental Test Chamber Environmental Test Chamber simulates a full range of temperature and humidity conditions to test reliability, durability, climatic, freezing resistance, quality assurance, thermal endurance, plastic products, electrical appliances, instruments, food, vehicles, metals etc. The biggest advantage for environmental test chambers is saving space in laboratory which we can put this benchtop climatic chamber beside desk in office. Environmental test chamber exterior material is stainless steel with environmentally baking paint resists corrosion and provides impact resistance. Interior material is SUS304# stainless steel with excellent heat resistance and easy to clean.Safety relay connection is provided to protect your device under test by removing power to it when the environmental chamber is not running. RS-232 communication is for computeconnection, programming can be set on computer by software, monitor testing process & automatically execute power on/off functions.Fog-free viewing window and interior light makes viewing workspace freely & observe the test under best conditions. Adjustable product shelf slide out for easier product access. Shelf design is non-tipping and supports large product loads. Left side of environmental test chamber with diameter 50mm cable port for power-on test. Optional electronic humidity sensor is used on  environmental chambers for accuracy and minimal maintenance.

What Kind Of Environmental Test Chambers Does Climate Tester Have?

Each industry's products have different requirements for temperature and humidity. Based on this feature, Climate Tester has designed different types of constant temperature and humidity chambers to meet specific product environmental testing.High temperature chamberLow temperature chamberHigh humidity chamberLow humidity chamberHigh temperature and humidity chamberHigh temperature and low humidity chamberLow temperature and high temperature chamberLow temperature and humidity chamberWalk-in test chamberEnvironmental test chamber sizes range from small benchtop chambers to walk-in test chambers,and meet international test standards.

Why Do Your Products Need Environment Simulation Test?

The products must be suffered from environment during manufacture and usage,there are lot of climates in the environment,such as rain,sunshine,ozone,high and low temperature,etc.The product will be harmed when they meet these climates,so,we have to test their ability to make their life longer.Climate Tester is a professional environmental test chambers manufacturer,we can provide you perfect test chambers to simulate environment,which can test your products like climatic testing.