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How Many Salt Spray Tests Are There?

The salt spray tester simulates salt spray environment to assess the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. The salt spray test is divided into two kinds, one is the natural environment exposure test, and the other is the artificial accelerated simulated salt spray test. There are 4 kinds of salt spray tests:(1) NSS testThe neutral salt spray test (NSS test) is one of the earliest accelerated corrosion test methods with the widest application field. It uses 5% sodium chloride salt aqueous solution, the pH value of the solution is adjusted in the neutral range (6-7) as the spray solution. The test temperature is 35℃, and the sedimentation rate of the salt spray is required to be between 1~2ml/80cm².h.(2) ASS testThe acetic acid salt spray test (ASS test) is developed on the basis of the neutral salt spray test. It is to add some glacial acetic acid to 5% sodium chloride solution to make the pH value of the solution drop to about 3, the solution becomes acidic, and the salt mist formed finally turns from neutral salt mist to acid. Its corrosion rate is about 3 times faster than the NSS test.(3) CASS testCopper salt accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS test) is a kind of rapid salt spray corrosion test recently developed abroad. The test temperature is 50℃, and a small amount of copper salt—copper chloride is added to the salt solution to strongly induce corrosion. Its corrosion rate is approximately 8 times faster than the NSS test. (4) Alternating salt spray testThe alternating salt spray test is a comprehensive salt spray test, which is actually a neutral salt spray test plus a constant damp heat test. It is mainly used for cavity-type complete products. Through the penetration of the wet environment, the salt spray corrosion is not only generated on the surface of the product, but also inside the product. It is to alternately switch the product under two environmental conditions of salt spray and damp heat, and finally check whether the electrical and mechanical properties of the whole product have changed.More informations about salt spray tester,please contact us. Links:

Large Deviations & Uniformity In Temperature Of The Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber?

1. The structure of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber greatly affects the uniformity of the temperature in the working process. Because the structure is difficult to be completely symmetrical, it will adversely affect the uniformity of the temperature. Commonly used low temperature test box or constant temperature and humidity test box structure has the door in the front, the air-conditioning room is at the back of the box, and the upper air is supplied and the lower air is returned. 2. There must be test samples in the constant temperature and humidity test box during the test. If the test sample is too large or placed in an improper manner, the air convection will be blocked and the temperature uniformity will be deviated. 3. Because the heat transfer coefficients of the six sides of the front, back, left, and right sides of the chamber of the studio are different, the design of small details such as threading holes, inspection holes, and test holes will cause local heat dissipation and heat transfer, which makes the equipment box There is uneven temperature, and the convective heat transfer of the box wall radiation will also be uneven, which affects the uniform temperature. 4. Design problems make it difficult to achieve a uniform symmetrical structure in the internal structure and space design of the test box. The asymmetric structure of the temperature and humidity test box will inevitably lead to deviations in the internal temperature uniformity. This level is mainly reflected In terms of sheet metal design and its treatment, such as the design of the air duct, the placement of the heating tube, the size of the fan power and other reasons. If any questions about constant temperature and humidity test chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more! Huda technology is always there for you.

The Difference Between The Three Zone And The Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber

The thermal shock test chamber is used to test the impact of the product from a high temperature to a low temperature environment, and the degree to which it can withstand an extremely high temperature and an extremely low temperature continuous environment in an instant. Three zone thermal shock test chamber It can meet two tests of three tanks (high temperature, room temperature, low temperature) and two tanks (high temperature and low temperature), and the test sample is static when be testing. Two zone thermal shock test chamber It only have two tanks (high temperature and low temperature). It test product moves between the high and low temperature tanks with the basket (test tank). If any questions about Thermal shock test chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more! Huda technology is always there for you.

What To Do When The Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber Can Not Cooling During Operation?

1. The temperature cannot be maintained. Observe whether the refrigeration compressor can be started. If it can be started, it means that the electrical wiring from the main power supply to the compressor is normal, and there is no problem with the electrical system.2. Check whether the compressor is abnormal. If there is an abnormal sound (excessive sound) and suddenly stop the action, it may be that the compressor is stuck.3. Touching the exhaust and suction pipes of the compressor of the main unit by hand, it is found that the temperature of the exhaust pipe is not high, and the temperature of the suction pipe is not low, which also shows the lack of refrigerant in the main unit.4. Check the refrigeration system. First, check that the discharge and pressure of the low-temperature compressors of the two refrigeration groups are lower than the normal values, and the suction pressure is in an evacuated state, indicating that the refrigerant quantity of the main refrigeration unit is insufficient.5. When the machine is operating normally, but the temperature does not drop, the refrigeration system should be checked for leaks, and the leak detector and soapy water should be used to check. It is found that the valve stem of a hot gas bypass solenoid valve is cracked and replaced. Solenoid valve, refill with fluorine, re-adjust and it will be OK.If any questions about the Constant Temperature And Humidity Chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more!Huda technology is always there for you.

What Are The Effects Of The Ozone Aging Test Chamber On Rubber?

Ozone aging test chamber simulate environment to accelerate the process of rubber aging by ozone because rubber is sensitive to ozone. Ozone mainly exists in the ozone layer below the stratosphere in the atmosphere (20 kilometers away from the surface), but there is also rare ozone in the surface atmosphere. Because of the sensitive nature of rubber materials to ozone, even thin ozone will cause cracks in all rubber products. This is due to the fact that ozone reacts with unsaturated rubber and produces a bimolecular reaction with the double bond in the rubber, and the reaction speed is very fast. The aging reaction of ozone to unsaturated rubber is carried out on the exposed surface of the rubber. After the double bonds on the surface are digested, the ozone reacts with the unsaturated bonds inside the sample.The stretched unsaturated rubber exposed to ozone first forms ozone cracks on the surface, and then the cracks grow larger and then break. There are two views on the mechanism of rubber cracking: molecular chain breaking and surface layer destruction. In the case of a certain ozone concentration, if the mobility of the molecular chain is high, when the ozone breaks the surface molecular chain, the two ends of the break will separate from each other at a faster speed, exposing the new molecular chain at the bottom layer to continue to be attacked by ozone. Speed up the gap growth.The cracking time of various rubbers is shortened with the increase of ozone concentration, and different rubbers have different degrees. Under the same ozone concentration, different cracks in the rubber structure grow at different speeds. Due to the different structures of NR and SBR, BR and NBR, the ozone aging characteristics are also different. Elongated NR produces cracks in a short time in the ozone environment, but the growth rate of the cracks is slow, and the number of cracks is large and shallow.If any questions about Ozone aging test chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more!Huda technology is always there for you./aboutus.htm

Three Ways To Calibrate The Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber?

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to test the parameters and performance of electronic and other products after the temperature and humidity changes.In order to better exert the effect of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, it is important to debug and calibrate the chamber for 10-15 days before leaving the factory. The following are the 3 methods for calibration of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber and their advantages and disadvantages. 1. Calibrate under load conditionsAdvantages: It can more accurately evaluate the impact of the test sample on the performance of the test chamber, and it is easy to get the detailed information of the environmental test of the key components or parts of the test sample.Disadvantages: When the test sample is replaced, it needs to be re-calibrated.2. Calibrate under no-load conditionsAdvantages: The entire working area of the programmable constant temperature and humidity test box has been calibrated, and the applicability of the test box can be effectively evaluated.Disadvantages: The influence of the test sample on the test chamber cannot be evaluated.3. Real-time measurement during useAdvantages: not only has the advantages of the above-mentioned method. In addition, it is possible to obtain comprehensive environmental parameters of the test sample in the environmental process, which is often used in the test of products with high environmental requirements.Disadvantages: All environmental tests need measuring equipment, and the calibration method under no-load conditions is usually used when the test chamber is calibrated.If any questions about constant temperature and humidity chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more!Huda technology is always there for you./aboutus.htm

What Need To Pay Attention To When Using Anti-Yellowing Aging Test Chamber?

What Need To Pay Attention To When Using Anti-Yellowing Aging Test Chamber?  1. Before use, please check whether the voltage is correct, excessive power may cause the power supply to catch fire.  2. When the displayed time is very different from the actual time (measured by comparison with the standard time), the parts of the circuit board cannot be adjusted at will.3. When the light does not turn on during use, please check whether the lamp tube of the machine is in good condition.  4. Do not place it in a damp place to prevent leakage of electricity.  5. Do not rinse directly with water to prevent leakage.  6. It is forbidden to put alcohol, adhesives and other volatile substances and acidic substances in the machine to prevent accidents.  7. Do not use flammable materials near the machine to prevent accidents.  8. Please put the samples into the machine carefully.Anti-Yellowing Aging Test Chamber: any questions about testing chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more!Huda technology is always there for you./aboutus.htm

What Is The Xenon Lamp Aging Test And Which Products Need To Be Tested?

Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber What Is The Xenon Lamp Aging Test? Xenon lamp is a high-brightness light source produced by high-pressure discharge of xenon gas. It is also the light source closest to the solar spectrum, so it is widely used in the light radiation aging test of outdoor products. Which Products Need Xenon Lamp Aging Test? All outdoor products or semi-outdoor products need xenon lamp aging test.Outdoor products include street lights, display screens, communication base stations, glass tiles, paint, outdoor plastic products or rubber products, and so on. According to the industry, there are automobile, communication, construction, aerospace, naval vessel, electronic industry and so on.Semi-outdoor products include mobile phones, headsets, automotive interior parts, clothing, shoes and hats, leather bags, items in doors and windows, etc. If any questions about Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more! Huda technology is always there for you./aboutus.htm

What Need To Pay Attention To When Using Thermal Shock Test Machine?

Thermal shock test chamber is used to test the capability of material structure or composite materials to withstand the continuous Environmental changes between extremely high temperature and low temperature during a short period. It is applicable to metals,plastic,rubber,electronics... What need to pay attention to when using thermal shock test machine? 1. During operation, please do not open the door of the box, otherwise it may cause serious consequences. (1) High temperature and hot air will rush out of the box. (2) The inside of the door is still at high temperature, causing burns. (3) High temperature air may trigger a fire alarm and cause malfunctions.2. Please note that the machine must be grounded safely to avoid electrostatic induction.3. Avoid turning off and on the refrigeration unit within three minutes.4. If heating samples are placed in the box, please use an external power supply to control the power supply of the sample, and do not directly use the power supply of the machine.5. The non-fuse switch (circuit breaker) and temperature over-temperature protector provide the test product of this machine and the safety protection of the operator, so please check it regularly.6. It is forbidden to test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances.7. Please read the manual carefully before operating this machine. Huda is experienced and proactive. We will provide high-quality equipment and determine effective solutions according to your needs.If any questions about Thermal shock test chamber,please feel free to contact us to know more! Huda technology is always there for you./aboutus.htm

Application range and inspection notice of high and low temperature test equipment

Application range and inspection notice of high and low temperature test equipmentHigh and low temperature test equipment is suitable for high and low temperature reliability test of industrial products.It can be used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic products and materials in high temperature and low temperature environment.  Please reading the user-manual before operate the high and low temperature test chamber,check your protective devices as require, control the environment temperature, humidity, continuous working time, voltage and pay attention to dustproof and anti-corrosion. Check the high and low temperature test equipment on a regular basis, please shut down immediately when you find the phenomena of tripping, smoke, explosion, tec. Prevent the machine from being damaged by short circuit and shorten the service life of the machine If the high and low temperature test equipment breaks down, it should be overhauled by a professional. In general, it is not recommended to move the high and low temperature test chamber. If there is movement,please check its performance before use and make sure there is no problem before using it.

Purchase Considerations For Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental test chamber has been integrated into the military, aerospace, schools, research institutes, enterprises and other fields,but in some degree,you may not know how to choose the suitable one.1. test chamber sizeAccording to the customer's product size and the number of places, the use of space and the size of the elevator door, experimental door size to consider.2. Temperature and humidity rangeAccording to the sample to be tested by the customer, the user can also customize according to the actual situation3. The origin of the accessoriesTest chamber quality and life are all dependent on the parts,Climate Tester environmental test chamber’s the main control components are imported "Schneider" and "Merlin Gerin" components to better control the temperature, the Japanese imports of digital touch keys, PID micro-computer SSR temperature controller, Cold machine using the French original "Taikang" fully enclosed compressor.4. Third-party certificationSee if the test chamber can pass the third-party quality inspection of the equipment by local or national quality inspection bureau.

Can HUDA Tester Provide Calibration service?

Climate Tester provides specialized equipment calibration services for all Climate Tester equipment and we recommend that all products be calibrated annually. The following is an example of calibration services provided by Climate Tester. Please contact us for your specific calibration request.Temperature systemHumidity systemControllerData loggers

Is it possible for climate Tester chamber to only control humidity?

Is it possible for environmental test chamber to only control humidity, but no temperature control?If you only want to test product in dry or wet environment, then without temperature control is acceptable. But you still have to measure the temperature to calculate the relative humidity. Relative humidity is actually relative to temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the humidity the air can hold at a relative temperature. Relative humidity is the ratio of moisture content in the air to its capacity. In another way,your product will face temperature and humidity at the same time during manufacture and use,it’s the best way to test them with temperature and humidity.

Do Environment Have Impact On The Use Of Environmental Test Chamber?

To some extent, the service life of the environmental test chamber will be affected by the use environment. In order to prolong the service life of the climatic test chamber, we usually have certain requirements on the use environment.(1). Permissible operating temperature range 0 ~ 35 ℃(2). Performance guarantee range: 5 ~ 35 ℃(3) Relative humidity: not more than 85%(4). Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa(5) There is no strong vibration around(6). No direct sunlight or other heat directly irradiated(7). Natural Drainage: Drainage pipes shall not be protruded midway, and the floor of the house shall not be extremely inclined.Climate Tester can provide professional test chamber and services,if you have any questions,you can send your requirement.