Purchase Considerations For Environmental Test Chamber

Purchase Considerations For Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental test chamber has been integrated into the military, aerospace, schools, research institutes, enterprises and other fields,but in some degree,you may not know how to choose the suitable one.

1. test chamber size

According to the customer's product size and the number of places, the use of space and the size of the elevator door, experimental door size to consider.

2. Temperature and humidity range

According to the sample to be tested by the customer, the user can also customize according to the actual situation

3. The origin of the accessories

Test chamber quality and life are all dependent on the parts,Climate Tester environmental test chamber’s the main control components are imported "Schneider" and "Merlin Gerin" components to better control the temperature, the Japanese imports of digital touch keys, PID micro-computer SSR temperature controller, Cold machine using the French original "Taikang" fully enclosed compressor.

4. Third-party certification

See if the test chamber can pass the third-party quality inspection of the equipment by local or national quality inspection bureau.