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What does an environmental test engineer do?

What does an environmental test engineer do? Translates system operational requirements into environmental design and testing requirements for systems,sub-systems,and component to ensure life-cycle durability. Functions include participation in design,testing,and manufacturing procedures described (but not limited to)in the following tasks: Detrermine life-cycle requirements for systems,sub-systems,and components.Request detailed analysis from others  (FEA,thermalanalysis) when required. Supply environmental design and test requirements  with proper margins for types of hardware and phase development.Tailor standard requirements for application(IEC,ISTA,UL,810F). Conduct design trade-off analyses for environmental control,mitigation,or protection and inputresults to design,raliability and others. Prepare environmental test requirement for in-house laboratory tests;input specification requirements for suppliers tests. Monitor or participate in environmental tests(supplier,in-house,customer)and review,report and use results for possible design corrective action. Collect and maintain environmentaldata bank (and FRACAS). List of  Units1.Operating-High temperature2.Operating-Low Temperature 3.Storage and Transportation-High and Low temperature4.Temperature Shock5.Humidity-Condensing and non-condensing6.AltitudeOperational/Storage transportationTemp/Altitude7.Rapid Decompression/Explosive Decomp8.Combined Environments9.Solar Radiation -actinic and thermal effects10.Salt Fog11.Sand&Dust12.Rain13.Immersion14.Explosive Atmosphere 15.Icing16.Fungus17.Acceleration18.Space Simulation19.Test Documentation

Can HUDA Tester Provide Maintenance Service?

HUDA Tester's after-service department provides test chambers maintenance programs to help make sure the performance and longevity of your test chambers. Maintenance programs are offered to all customers' test chambers,HUDA Tester also provide on-site service to meet your needs. Following test chamber maintenance programs are included:Complete check of refrigeration systemCheck of humidity system Complete check of electrical systemsCheck for leaksCheck of temperature systemCleaning of filtersIf you have any questions or you want to know more details about service,you can contact us now!

What Environmental Test Chamber Can Be Used For Car Testing?

Automotive testing can be divided into two parts: the overall testing and parts testing.For first one,Climate Tester can provide walk-in test chamber,walk-in rain test chamber,walk-in dust test chamber,These test chambers are large enough to put the entire car in and measure the overall performance of the car.For second,Climate Tester can provide Climatic test chambers and environmental test chambers to test temperature,rain,dust,aging,corrosion,etc.

How Can Climate Tester Control The Quality Of Environmental Test Chamber

1.The production department will check and debug the finished products and submit them to the quality department for inspection. The quality department will arrange the FQC inspectors for final inspection and confirmation.2.According to the business order, BOM, engineering drawings and so on, the quality department FQC inspectors check the finished product order number, type, specification, parameter, appearance and so on, and check the product according to the inspection standards and technical data.3.As for the abnormality of finished products, the engineering department should help them to solve the problems and methods.4.The relevant departments should receive preliminary analysis plan after receiving "abnormal feedback of finished products", and rework or repair by the production department according to this plan.5.If the inspectors can not determine the scene, immediately notify the quality manager and Engineering Department Manager on-site confirmation6.After inspection, the product should be notified to the production department to fill in the warehouse receipt and sign on it.7.The production department will submit the warehouse receipt and the finished product to the finished product warehouse for acceptance, confirm the mistake and sign it, then keep it well and store it.Climate Tester make sure that every test chamber is good quality and meet customers requirement.

How Many Payment Methods Do Your Company Have?

You can pay your bill by T/D,paypal,T/T,Cash,L/C, D/A, D/P, etc.

Can Your Company Help Us To Test Our Products?

Yes,you can deliver your products sample to us,and we will give you a test for free before you buy our products.Climate Instrument has over 10 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing environmental chambers and temperature controlled products.It also have a experienced in testing.

How Long Is Your Product After-Sales Service?

We promise that our product is lifetime warranty.

Do Your Company Have A Dedicated Staff To Teach Us How To Use The Machine?

We will be shipped with instructions and operating video, if you need, we will arrange after-sales staff guidance.

How Long Are your Delivery Dates?

Delivery time is generally 20 days, the bigger machine about 30 days.The time is from shipment to arrival place.There are air and sea can be choosed, meet your requirement.

Do You Provide a Home Installation?

We will provide a video operation, if you need, we will provide on-site installation.Contact: Lisa ZhongPhone: +86-7698-1187866,+86-13829267288.Email:

What Is The Way Your Goods Are Transported?

The way that the goods are transported depend's on  the customer's own choice, usually for the sea, if the customer's needs are urgent, we can also provide air, all the freight borne by the customer.

Can I Visit Your Factory?

Welcome you to visit the factory at any time, we will have a dedicated staff to receive you, he will give you a detailed description of every aspect of the factory and responsible for each production process staf.The address is 13 Xianfeng Road, Nancheng Dis., Dongguan City, Guangdong province, China.

How Can I Contact You ?

You can send us a email ,or you can just call usContact: Lisa ZhongPhone: +86-7698-1187866,+86-13829267288.Email:

How Can I Go To Your Company?

We provide pick-up service, you can visit the company at the same time visit our factory, understand the production process,You can see our main product,such as:Environmental test chamber,Climate Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Aging Test Chamber, Rain & Spray Test Chamber, Walk In Chamber.Contact :Phone: +86-7698-1187866,+86-13829267288.Email: