How Can Climate Tester Control The Quality Of Environmental Test Chamber

How Can Climate Tester Control The Quality Of Environmental Test Chamber

1.The production department will check and debug the finished products and submit them to the quality department for inspection. The quality department will arrange the FQC inspectors for final inspection and confirmation.

2.According to the business order, BOM, engineering drawings and so on, the quality department FQC inspectors check the finished product order number, type, specification, parameter, appearance and so on, and check the product according to the inspection standards and technical data.

3.As for the abnormality of finished products, the engineering department should help them to solve the problems and methods.

4.The relevant departments should receive preliminary analysis plan after receiving "abnormal feedback of finished products", and rework or repair by the production department according to this plan.

5.If the inspectors can not determine the scene, immediately notify the quality manager and Engineering Department Manager on-site confirmation

6.After inspection, the product should be notified to the production department to fill in the warehouse receipt and sign on it.

7.The production department will submit the warehouse receipt and the finished product to the finished product warehouse for acceptance, confirm the mistake and sign it, then keep it well and store it.

Climate Tester make sure that every test chamber is good quality and meet customers requirement.