Textile & Fabric Testing

Textile & Fabric Testing

Textile & Fabric Testing

environmental test chamberUV aging test chamber

Environmental Test Chamber                                            UV Aging Test Chamber

Environmental test chamber is designed to simulate high   UV aging test chamber can simulate UV,rain,humidity, 

and low temperature or humidity environments and meet    dark and other environmental conditions,by reproducing

specific test requirement.                                                      these conditions, merged into a cycle, and let it complete

                                                                                              the cycle automatically.

anti-yellowing test chamberozone aging test chamber

Anti-yellowing Aging Test Chamber                                 Ozone Aging Test Chamber

Anti-yellow aging chamber can simulate the atmospheric    Ozone aging test chamber use ozone generator to produce  

environment to test product in the sunlight and see if the     high concentrations of ozone,can be used for non-metallic 

appearance of product will changes.                                     materials,organic materials  (coatings,rubber,

                                                                                               plastics,paints,pigments, etc.) aging 

                                                                                               test under ozone conditions.

xenon aging test chamber

Xenon Aging Test Chamber

Xenon aging test chamber use xenon lamp to reproduce 

the destructive light waves in different environments,can

provide the appropriate environmental simulation and 

accelerated test for scientific research,product development 

and quality control.

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