Lamps Testing

Lamps Testing

Lamps Testing
Lamps and lanterns is an indispensable tool in the world. In order to prolong the use time of lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to conduct environmental tests in the design and production process. Testing can help your products to meet the needs of users and the specific use environment.
Climate Tester can customized test chamber according to user needs and sample size.

Water Drip Test Chamber meets the IP protection level IPX1 / IPX2 drip test, mainly for 

external lighting and signal devices and automotive lighting shell waterproof test test, 

while testing products in the transport process or use may be affected by the impact of 

water for product technical standards Reliable basis; the entire test process completed in 

the box, the water will not splash outdoors, and water can be recycled.

Water immersion test chamber is mainly used to test the performance of the product when 

it is immersed in water. It is mainly suitable for outdoor lighting, diving lamps (flashlight), 

swimming pool lighting, car lamps, household appliances, electrical and electronic 

products, communication products and signal devices Protection level test (IP waterproof 

grade test), dedicated to waterproof protection grade testing equipment, after testing, 

through the identification to determine the performance of the product can meet the 

requirements for product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection use.

Water spray test chamber is suitable for external lighting and signaling devices and 

automotive lighting enclosure protection, providing a wide range of environments such as 

fidelity analogue electronic products and their components that may be exposed to water 

and spray tests during transport and use. To achieve the detection of a variety of products, 

waterproof performance.

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