Communications Testing

Communications Testing

Communications Testing
The communications industry's impact in life is irreplaceable, reliability and safety are also crucial. Communications equipment is mostly used outdoors, the communications industry test cases require compliance with various test specifications, including the Telcordia test requirements. Common test equipment includes cell phones, switch gear, connectors, fiber optics, line protectors, outdoor network interface equipment, switch racks, network switching systems, etc. Environmental test chamber establish product quality and reliability by simulating the test conditions seen during product use, shipping, or storage conditions.

The communications industry commonly used to the following test

High temperature testing

Low temperature testing

Sand and dust testing

Corrosion testing

Aging testing

Rain testing

All of the above testing can be done with the test chamber in Climate Tester

Walk in test chamber is available for whole car testing and simulate temperature and humidity. Test chamber can be tailor-designed to meet your requirements and specifications.

Electrical Panel Controller Feature

1.all power connectors, protection devices power control logic built in the control panel integrated to the chamber

2.all electrical cables tagged with id number

3.all electrical function circuit equipped with its own safety device that shuts down the relevant circuit or the entire test chamber if a faulty develops

4.all electrical systems comply with recognized technical regulation as well as with the accident prevention regulations.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber is a test equipment,used 

to test the bearing extent of the material structures and 

composite material in an instant and continuous high 

temperature and extremely low temperature 

environment.Thermal shock test chamber reveals the 

hidden manufacturing defects in the product through the 

expansion and contraction of product components.

Anti-yellowing Aging Test Chamber can simulate the atmospheric environment to test product in sunlight and see if the appearance of product will changes.

Anti-yellowing aging test chamber can do two kinds of tests: aging and resistance to yellowing

1. Aging: The chamber can promote the deterioration of sulfur rubber to calculate the heating before and after the rate of elongation and elongation, is generally considered at 70 ℃ test One day, theoretically equivalent to exposure to the atmosphere for six months.

2. Resistance to yellow: the chamber is simulated in the atmospheric environment, subject to ultraviolet light, the appearance of change is generally considered at 50 ℃ for 9 hours, theoretically equivalent to exposure to the atmosphere in 6 months.

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