Electronic Products Testing

Electronic Products Testing

Electronic Products Testing
The use of electronic products is more and more widespread, people's lives can not be separated from electronic products, electronic product safety has become crucial. Environmental chambers are utilized in the electronics industry to test various components such as circuit boards, semiconductors, sensors, memory drives, power supplies, batteries, touch screens, capacitors and resistors, switches / connectors, and electronic components.Climate Tester offers a wide range of environmental test chambers for the electronics market to meet a variety of industry standards such as IEC, ISO, JEDEC and others.

Electronic products’ safety and reliability testing including high temperature testing, corrosion testing, waterproof testing, dust testing, etc, involving the following environmental test chambers:
Environmental test chamber used to test and determine the product after high temperature, low temperature humidity or constant temperature changes in the test performance  
Temperature and humidity test chamber is a test equipment that simulate temperature and humidity environment,programmable temperature and humidity test chamber can connect computer so that temperature and humidity can be better displayed. The sizes range from small benchtop chambers to walk-in chambers.

1. Electronics:Test the impact of the natural environment on the circuit board.
2.Medicine:Inspect if the drug in the wet case will occur chemical and physical changes or not.
3. Chemical electronics industry:To avoid during the storage, transportation and use, due to environmental temperature and humidity conditions to lose the use of function.
4. Food:Put food on the provisions of the temperature and humidity, you can see the food’s ability to resist the high temperature, low temperature, and anti-humidity.
5. LED light:LED lights will encounter high temperature and low temperature testing to ensure its quality qualified in the production process.
Thermal Shock Test Chamber is a test equipment,used to test the bearing extent of the material structures and composite material in an instant and continuous high temperature and extremely low temperature environment.Thermal shock test chamber reveals the hidden manufacturing defects in the product through the expansion and contraction of product components.

1.Perfect appearance and easy to operate.

2.Japan LCD English microcomputer temperature controller, with high memory capacity, can save 100 programs, max 9999 cycles, each cycle max time 999hrs.

3.Three chamber structures, high temperature chamber, low temperature chamber and test chamber, control automatically, stay and switch time adjustable.

4.Perfect protection alarm functions: short-circuits, Leakage, over temperature of work chamber; compressor over pressure, over load, short water…

5.Control interface will display alarm reason and provide check methods, machine has emergency stop button.

6.Cold and hot shock temperature recover within 5 minutes, which complies with MTL, IEC, JIS, GJB and other international standards.

7.With RS-232C communication port for connecting PC to control, record and save test report.

Dust test chamber can evaluate the ability of the product to resist penetration of dust particles and to resist the abrasive or clogging effects of gravel.when exposed to a dusty environment.

Dust testing is divided into free fall dust, dust blowing:


Free Fall Dust: Mainly used to simulate the impact of dust in the shelter. Samples were exposed to a low-density, dust-laden atmosphere with intermittent, small amounts of dust injected and landed on the sample due to gravity.


Blowing Dust: mainly used to simulate the dust on the sample sealing performance and corrosion  outdoor and vehicle environmental conditions. The sample is exposed to a flow of asthma or laminar air entrained with a mixture of dust, sand or dust.

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