Packages Testing

Packages Testing

Packages Testing

In order to ensure the best packaging, reduce the damage caused by natural factors during transportation and reduce the total cost of logistics, it is very necessary to conduct environmental simulation test in the design and production process.

Climate Tester can help to test your products or provide environmental testing solutions

environmental test chamberUV aging test chamber 

Environmental Test Chamber                                           UV Aging Test Chamber

Environmental test chamber can simulate high                   UV aging test chamber can simulate the damage  

temperature,low temperature,humidity environment,etc.     caused by sunlight, rain and dew. It is mainly used  

                                                                                             in paint and ink paints, resins, plastics, printing and 



vibration test machinewater spray test chamber

Vibration Test Machine                                                      IPX9K Water Spray Test Chamber

Vibration test machine is suitable for auto parts,                 Water spray test chamber used to test automotive

electronic products, pharmaceuticals, communications,      lamp paper packaging, motorcycle instrumentation  

packaging and other industries related to vibration              and low-voltage electrical shell water proof 

resistance test.                                                                     protection.                      


water drip test chamber

Water Drip Test Chamber

Water drip test chamber is mainly to test the performance 

of the product in the storage, transportation and use of the rainy environment.


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