China Brand Day

China Brand Day


Chinese brand, shared by the world...

China Brand Day
2022 is the sixth year of China Brand Day, and also the twentieth year of China's accession to the World Trade Organization. 
"Chinese brand, shared by the world" is still the value concept of China Brand Day.
"Chinese brand, strong country" ,will still be the constant pursuit of Chinese enterprises in the process of struggle.

Huda's mission: "deliver the best testing equipment to our customers."

Huda has the courage to open up new fields, lead new technologies, and focus on the development and production of testing equipment. 

Products involve:
constant temperature and humidity test chamber, 
battery testing equipment, 
vibration tables, 
tensile test machines,
rubber and plastic testing equipments
Constant temperature and humidity test equipment can simulate test environment with different temperature and humidity.
Battery explosion-proof test chamber is mainly used for over-charge and over-discharge of the battery...
Electromagnetic vibration table is widely used in defense, aviation, aerospace, communications...
Melt Flow Index Tester is used to determine the MFR value of melt flow rate
Huda is using its own corporate development and brand building to show that through technological innovation, quality control, product innovation, and looking at the world, the world will share China's high-quality testing equipment and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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