About New Energy Vehicle

About New Energy Vehicle


In the past three years, the new energy vehicle market has shown a blowout trend.

In the past three years, the new energy vehicle market has shown a blowout trend. Not only a variety of new energy vehicles are satisfied, but consumers' recognition of new energy vehicles has also reached a new level. As of April last year, the number of new energy vehicles has reached 5.8 million. Today, I will take you to briefly talk about new energy vehicles.
New energy vehicles include pure electric vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and hydrogen engine vehicles.

The core technology of new energy vehicles consists of three parts.
1 The power battery system is usually composed of cells, battery packs, battery management systems, cooling systems, high and low voltage wiring harnesses, protective casings, and other structural components.
2 Motors. It is divided into three parts: stator, rotor and casing, among which the key point of motor technology lies in stator and rotor.
3 Electronic control system, including vehicle controller, motor controller, and battery management system.

Huda can provide professonal  battery testing machines as below:
Battery explosion-proof test chamber is mainly used for over-charge and over-discharge of the battery...
Battery short circuit tester tests whether the battery will explode under high temperature...
Battery Crush Nail Penetration Test Machine tests the safety performance through the extrusion/crushing/squeezing test.
Battery burning Test Chamber is suitable for the flame resistance test of lithium batteries (or battery packs)...
battery charge and discharge tester is designed for power batteries (lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium batteries...)
Thermal shock chamber simulates the battery placed in a high temperature chamber with natural convection or forced ventilation
Battery Altitude Test Chamber can be used to perform low-pressure (high-altitude) testing...
Battery impact test machine tests the safety performance of battery by different weights
It is free fall test for cell phone, battery, electronic dictionary, building intercom, CD/MD/MP3 and electronic products...
At present, domestic new energy vehicle companies can be roughly divided into two echelons: one is the traditional car companies with traditional fuel vehicles + pure electric vehicles + plug-in hybrid vehicles as the sales category. Such as BYD, BAIC, SAIC, Zotye, Geely, Changan, Trumpchi, Jianghuai, etc.; the other is different from traditional car companies, in order to develop new energy power, and emphasize the "new car-building force" of intelligent driving. Like Weilai, Weimar, Aiways, Xiaopeng, Leapmotor, Lvchi, Qiantu and so on.

Among them, chinese new energy vehicle electronic control system market is mainly occupied by local brands, and local brands are mainly divided into two categories, one is new energy vehicle OEMs represented by BYD and BAIC New Energy, and the other is third-party power Control system integrators, among which Shanghai Electric Drive occupies a good position among third-party electronic control system integrators.

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