Classification And Characteristics Of Muffle Furnace

Classification And Characteristics Of Muffle Furnace


Muffle furnace is a laboratory to achieve high temperature treatment of an experimental instrument,mainly used for high temperature synthesis, sintering, ashing, melting and heat treatment of various solid materials in air atmosphere.

Muffle furnace is a laboratory to achieve high temperature treatment of an experimental instrument,can be divided into tube furnace, box furnace, vacuum furnace, their principles are similar; tube furnace has the advantage of good insulation effect, heating speed, Applicable to the need for ventilation experiments, the disadvantage is limited volume. Box-type furnaces are commonly used in labs and are suitable for any experiment that does not require special protection. The vacuum furnace is suitable for experiments under vacuum conditions.


Muffle furnace temperature is generally divided into: 900 degrees series muffle furnace, 1000 degrees muffle furnace, 1200 degrees muffle furnace, 1300 degrees muffle furnace, 1600 muffle furnace, 1700 muffle furnace. The market also uses 1800 degrees muffle furnace. The series according to the size of the furnace, there are different muffle furnaces.


Different temperature heating workpiece is different: 1000-12000 is used in electric wire and thermocouple, 1300 is the use of silicon carbon, 1600 or more with silicon molybdenum.


Furnace insulation materials are also points: light corundum materials and ceramic fiber, light corundum material: shortcomings - not energy, the volume heavier, warming, cooling time is slow, the advantage is: more durable; ceramic fiber, thermal insulation, , High temperature, resistance to rapid cooling, the furnace light weight.


Muffle furnace also points with a program-controlled, without the program temperature will be raised to the maximum temperature, program-controlled temperature can be based on the experiment, set their own temperature nodes and time.


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