Characteristics Of Walk In Dust Chamber

Characteristics Of Walk In Dust Chamber


Walk In Dust Chamber is suitable for a variety of auto parts to do dust and dust test, test components include lights, meters, electrical dust cover, steering system, door locks, etc., to verify the product sealing quality.

Characteristics Of Walk In Dust Chamber

Walk In Dust Chamber selection of high-quality materials, the use of advanced processing equipment processing, shell surface spray treatment, beautiful, smooth. Color coordination, arc design, smooth lines and natural. Liner selection of high quality stainless steel plate production. Indoor sample rack and other accessories are made of stainless steel plate, the design is reasonable, durable.


The equipment is equipped with a set of vacuum system to meet the test. The equipment is equipped with a set of vacuum system, which can meet the requirements of the test. The equipment is equipped with a vacuum system, which can meet the requirements of the test. Need to; equipment at the bottom of the device can be replaced with dust, the base can be installed four adjustable height of the casters, easy to move and fixed.

In order to protect the safety of personnel, the door design has a set of protection devices, when the door is not closed, the device can not start running and alarm.


Walking Dust Test Room Circuit Control System

Imported 7-inch LCD touch screen controller, PLC control can be dust fan, dust vibration, vacuum, power off, temperature and time to control

The controller has the following set of arbitrary control functions

A. Dust removal time (stop, blow): continuous, periodic dust optional time setting

B. Vibration time: vibration and stop vibration time automatically alternating: 99H99M99S can be set

C. Total test time: test time up to 9999 hours 59 minutes

D. Temperature: studio dehumidification temperature setting control

E. Power on: off - on - off time control (configuration dust socket)

F. Vacuum: vacuum pressure and time control

Heating system: the circulating duct is equipped with heating pipe heating dust, to avoid dust condensation, heat security and stability; with a regular heating control;

Design dust, dust can be easily replaced at any time;

The control system is equipped with Schneider Executive components;

Equipped with vacuum piping system, vacuum pressure display and can be set (can directly set the negative pressure to ensure that no more than -2KPa);

Vacuum pump flow control: 60 ~ 600L / H.


Walk in dust chamber protection system

No fuse protection switch;

Leakage, full sheathed terminal block;

The overall equipment timing, automatic shutdown and other protection


Equipment conditions of use

Environmental Humidity: ≤85%

Power requirements: AC380 (± 10%) V / 50HZ three-phase five-wire system (equipment power cord> 3 meters)

Preload capacity: about 3KW

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