Routine Maintenance And Function Of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Routine Maintenance And Function Of Thermal Shock Test Chamber


Thermal shock test chamber is a test chamber,which can make samples received high and low temperature impact test to detect the degree of damage to the sample,is a necessary test chamber for aviation, automotive, home appliances, scientific research and other areas.

Routine Maintenance And Function Of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

A brief introduction to the function of thermal shock test Chamber

Thermal shock test chamber for electronic and electrical components, automation components, communication components, auto parts, metal, chemical materials, plastics and other industries, defense industry, aerospace, arsenal, BGA, PCB pull, electronic chip IC, semiconductor Ceramic and polymer materials, physical changes in the test, the material of high and low temperature of the repeated resistance and thermal expansion and contraction of the product in the chemical or physical damage, to confirm the quality of the product, from the precision IC to heavy machinery Of the components, will be used, is the field of product testing is essential to a test box. The main test material on the very high temperature or very low temperature resistance, this situation is similar to the case of non-continuous high temperature or low temperature, hot and cold impact test can make a variety of items in the shortest time to complete the test.


Daily maintenance

In order to avoid the contamination and erosion of the vapor and corrosive gases to the instrument, the analytical room should be separated from the chemical treatment chamber. Balances and other analyzers should be placed in shockproof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion room. Larger instruments should be fixed position, not any move, and cover the cotton cloth to do the instrument cover. After the small instruments should be used in the equipment cabinet.


Regularly check the performance of the instrument, the temperature impact test box to verify the performance indicators, the inspection results recorded in the instrument file. The temperature impact test box must be strictly in accordance with the operating instructions specified in the operating instructions of the instrument, the unrelated personnel do not allow random dialing of the instrument knob, not arbitrarily disassembled, modified analytical instruments, precision instruments, accessories should be properly kept, can not be used In other places.

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