Operation And Maintenance Of Xenon Weathering Aging Test Chamber

Operation And Maintenance Of Xenon Weathering Aging Test Chamber


Xenon weathering aging test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp capable of simulating full sunshine to reproduce the destructive light waves in different environments. It can provide the corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration test for scientific research, product development and quality control.

Operation And Maintenance Of Xenon Weathering Aging Test Chamber

Xenon Weathering aging test chamber is to test the adaptability of the atmospheric lighting environment for electrician, electronic product shell, leather and so on.


The operation

1, first check water pressure

2, the equipment behind the power needs to open;

3, the power button to be opened

4, ready to open the button to check whether the xenon lamp water through;

5, test box door to be locked

6, the temperature and the temperature of the blackboard to be adjusted;

7, light the light button, xenon light up the hands of the release, the time is not too long;

8, according to the test time to adjust the test time meter, open the timer button. You can do the test;

Note: xenon lamp test must pay attention to the test chamber inlet to ensure that at least 1.8KG above the pressure.



1, the appearance of clean and tidy

2, the top of the machine do not put any items, motor and control parts to heat;

3, long-term use, motor blast, turntable gear and other parts, if issued abnormal noise, should be checked, and pay attention to regular cleaning refueling;

4, electrical components such as the phenomenon of high temperature, you must immediately check the cause;

5, after each use, xenon lamp aging test chamber should be clean to prevent corrosion;

6, the control cabinet to clean up once a month to prevent excessive dust, affecting the normal operation of equipment;

7, after the completion of the test, should be closed on the total power, wipe the work of indoor water, try to make the test chamber in a dry environment;

8, the control panel of electrical components, such as failure to be replaced, do not split, to ensure that the xenon lamp aging test chamber life.

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