Corrosion Principle And Classification Of Salt Spray Chamber

Corrosion Principle And Classification Of Salt Spray Chamber


Salt spray test can assess the material and its protective layer of salt spray corrosion ability, and similar protective layer of the process quality comparison, and can assess the ability of certain products to resist salt spray corrosion.

Corrosion Principle And Classification Of Salt Spray Chamber

Salt spray test chamber is a test machine that simulates a corrosive environment, placing the sample in it, testing the corrosion resistance of the sample,adapted to the surface treatment of various materials, electroplating, organic and inorganic coating, anode processing, anti-rust oil and so on.

In our daily life a lot of material will be subject to salt spray corrosion, especially in the car on the hardware, electronic circuit boards, tools and so on. Metal salt spray corrosion is the material or its performance in the environment under the action of salt spray damage and qualitative change. Most of these metals are corrosive in the atmosphere of exposure. Corrosion factors in the atmosphere of our life are mainly composed of high humidity and low humidity, alternating at high temperature and low temperature, oxygen and pollutants and other corrosive components. Which salt spray corrosion is a very conventional atmospheric corrosion. (Atmospheric corrosion contains many types, salt fog is just one of the categories).


Salt spray in the salt spray test chamber on the surface of its metal material corrosion is contained in the salt spray chloride ions in high humidity and high temperature environment through the metal surface of the oxide layer and protective layer (protective layer for the paint Or a variety of coatings) and the internal metal electrochemical reaction. At the same time, the chloride ion containing hydration ability is easily adsorbed on the surface of the metal cracks and gaps, and replace the chlorine in the layer of oxygen, the insoluble oxide into soluble chloride, so that the passive surface becomes lively s surface. Resulting in a very bad product adverse reactions.


In our current salt spray corrosion, salt spray corrosion is divided into two categories, a class of natural environmental exposure corrosion test, there is a class of artificial simulation to accelerate salt spray environmental test. The artificial simulated salt spray environmental test is carried out by using the salt spray corrosion test chamber. In the cavity of the salt spray test chamber, the method of simulating atmospheric corrosion is used to cause the salt spray corrosion environment to the salt spray corrosion resistance of the product. Perform side view.


The salt concentration of the chloride in the salt spray corrosion environment (this is the method that must be used to more quickly detect the reliability of the product because the salt spray concentration in nature Not the same, the corrosion level is not the same, this will lead to some electronic metal products in the outdoors for many years to be corroded failure, and different environments will have different degrees of corrosion and corrosion time), equipment, salt spray concentration is generally Natural salt spray content of several times or several times, (salt spray corrosion test chamber salt spray concentration by the experimental staff to prepare their own) high concentration of salt spray will greatly increase the corrosion rate, the reliability of the results of the time is also great Of the shortening.

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