The Basic Working System Principle Of Xenon Weather Aging Test Chamber

The Basic Working System Principle Of Xenon Weather Aging Test Chamber


Xenon weathering aging test chamber is a long arc xenon lamp as a light source, simulated and enhanced weathering accelerated aging test equipment to quickly get near atmospheric aging test results,

used to evaluate the plastic rubber, paint, textile printing and dyeing materials such as weather resistance

The Basic Working System Principle Of Xenon Weather Aging Test Chamber

Xenon weathering aging chamber can simulate hazards caused by sunlight, rain and dew. Weathering chamber using xenon lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight, the use of condensed moisture simulation of rain and dew, the measured material placed in a certain temperature of the light and moisture alternating cycle of the program to test, with a few days or weeks To reproduce the outdoor months and even years of harm.


Xenon weather aging test box's lamp replacement quick and easy. Long-term filters provide protection for the desired spectrum. In addition to the photodegradation test, the xenon lamp weather resistance test equipment can also simulate the impact of outdoor moisture on material damage by adding moisture and water spray options. Moisture is also a major factor in the destruction of some of the material, the higher the moisture content will accelerate the destruction of the material. Humidity can affect the degradation of indoor and outdoor products, such as various textiles.


Products due to prolonged exposure to fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps or other luminous lamps, products placed at retail outlets, warehouses or other environments will also undergo significant photodegradation. Xenon lamp weather resistance test equipment can also simulate the destruction of such commercial lighting environment generated by destructive light, and can be higher intensity to speed up the test process. The device uses a full-spectrum xenon arc lamp to simulate destructive light waves in the sun, including UV, visible and infrared light.


When you expose the product to direct sunlight in the outdoors, the time during which the product experiences maximum light intensity is a few hours. Even so, the worst exposure takes place only in the hottest weeks in the summer. Xenon lamp weather test equipment can speed up your testing process, because through the program control, the device can be your product 24 hours a day exposed to the sun in the summer sunshine equivalent to the environment.


Xenon weathering aging chamber,which can simulate moisture degradation of materials, but also can effectively simulate the temperature upheaval and rain erosion process. Roof, automotive parts and metal buildings or components such as the outer coating will encounter sudden temperature changes. For example, the hot summer days make the heat inside the material pile up, and sudden showers will quickly dissipate heat. This dramatic change in temperature is a challenge and a test for many materials. The water spray function of the device can reproduce the effect of this environmental condition on the material. Infrared radiation from the lamp can rebuild the heat accumulation process, while the cold water spray is the effect of temperature drastic changes.

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