A Probe Into The Causes Of Rubber Aging

A Probe Into The Causes Of Rubber Aging


Ozone aging test chamber for testing vulcanized rubber products, organic materials, non-metallic materials, ozone aging resistance and aging cracking tensile test.

A Probe Into The Causes Of Rubber Aging

Rubber and rubber products in the molding process, long-term storage and use of the process, due to oxygen, ozone, variable metal ions and other chemical substances, combined with mechanical stress, light, heat, high energy radiation and other physical factors, Soften sticky, or harden crisp, crack, physical degradation. This phenomenon is called aging.


The reasons why rubber (including raw rubber and vulcanized rubber) suffer aging is the internal factors of rubber macromolecules exist in the weak bond, so it is vulnerable to oxygen invasion, thus destroying the structure of the original rubber; and external factors that the chemical, physical Factors accelerate the aging of rubber. However, the basic reason is the oxidation.

Common types of rubber aging

Aging type

The reason

Catalytic factors

Thermal aging



Light oxygen aging



Harmful metal aging


Variable metal ions

Ozone aging



Fatigue aging

Oxygen + deformation

Flexion, mechanical damage

Weather aging

Comprehensive reasons

Atmospheric Environment

From the above analysis we can see that the aging of rubber is mainly under different conditions of oxidation and ozonation.CLIMATE INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD has over 10 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing environmental chambers and temperature controlled products. 

Anti-yellowing aging test chamber

The products that can test rubber about aging including:Environmental test chamber,Climate Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Test Chamber, Aging Test Chamber, Rain & Spray Test Chamber, Walk In Chamber.