Do You Know The Danger Of High Temperatures To Cars?

Do You Know The Danger Of High Temperatures To Cars?


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Do You Know The Danger Of High Temperatures To Cars?

Due to the high temperature, strong radiant heat, the vehicle's power, economy and reliability will deteriorate, and it will affect the normal driving of the car.


The Effect Of High Temperature On The Engine

Car in high temperature environment, the engine cooling system heat dissipation is small, poor heat dissipation, the engine easy to overheat. As the outside temperature is high, the engine coolant and the atmospheric temperature difference becomes smaller, resulting in cooling the cooling heat becomes smaller, so that the engine overheating, which will appear a series of problems.


Effect Of High Temperature On Oil Component System

Under high temperatures, oil and the corresponding parts may be a series of problems, to speed up the wear and tear, seriously affecting the life of the engine. At the same time, the higher the temperature, the engine hood temperature is higher, the more prone to air resistance phenomenon.


Battery Voltage Instability Occurs At High Temperatures

When the battery temperature is high, the electrode will be oxidized due to the aging of the insulation layer, especially the negative electrode, will produce white oxide in the pole, resulting in battery voltage instability.


High Temperature Leads To Changes In Paint

The paint is often exposed to the sun in the sun, like the skin,exposed in the sun may fade or the gloss will be reduced and may produce cracks, water marks, erosion and other "lesions."


Tires Are Easy To Puncture In High Temperature

Under high temperature weather conditions, the road temperature is often as high as 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, the tire under high load work in such a bad condition, wear does not increase, the affected tire pressure also greatly increased the probability of puncture.

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