Effect Of Ozone Aging On Rubber Materials

Effect Of Ozone Aging On Rubber Materials


Ozone aging test chamber for testing vulcanized rubber products, organic materials, non-metallic materials, ozone aging resistance and aging cracking tensile test.

Effect Of Ozone Aging On Rubber Materials

Ozone aging, is a technology that have a sensitive to the characteristics of rubber on the ozone, the use of environmental simulation means to accelerate the process of aging of the rubber, so as to test the aging resistance of rubber products.


Ozone is mainly present in the ozone layer beneath the stratosphere (20 km from the surface), but there are also thin ozone in the surface atmosphere. Because the rubber material on the ozone sensitive characteristics, even the thin ozone, will make all the rubber products crack situation. This is due to ozone and unsaturated rubber will react with the rubber in the double bond to produce bimolecular reaction, and the reaction rate is very fast. Ozone The aging reaction of the unsaturated rubber is carried out on the exposed surface of the rubber. When the double bond of the surface is digested, the ozone reacts with the unsaturated bond inside the sample.


The stretched unsaturated rubber exposed to ozone first forms an ozone crack on the surface, and then the crack grows larger and finally breaks it. There are two views on the mechanism of rubber cracking: molecular chain fracture and surface failure. In the case of ozone concentration, if the molecular chain is highly kinetic, when the surface of the molecular chain is broken, the ends of the fracture will be separated from each other at a faster rate, revealing that the new molecular chains continue to be attacked by ozone Speed up the gap growth.


The cracking time of various rubbers was significantly shortened with the increase of ozone concentration, and the degree of different rubber was different. At the same ozone concentration, the growth rate of the different cracks in the rubber structure is also different. Due to the different structure of NR and SBR, BR and NBR, the ozone aging characteristics are different from the elongated NR in the ozone environment in a short time to produce cracks, but the crack growth rate is slow, the number of cracks and shallow and small.


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