The Impact Of Dust On The Product

The Impact Of Dust On The Product


Sand and dust test chamber is driven by a fan at a certain concentration of sand and dust to a certain rate of flow through the surface of the test sample to evaluate the test sample (equipment) exposed to dry sand or dust-laden atmosphere under the influence of the ability to prevent dust particles, The ability to wear or block, and the ability to store and run.

The Impact Of Dust On The Product

The impact on the product surface

Sand and dust can cause corrosion and damage to the surface of the product. Desert areas can be seen in the erosion of the poles, electrical insulators and equipment exposed parts of the stain, even higher than the ground of the rock is also due to the long-term effects of sand erosion phenomenon.Helicopters fly in sandy air, after 20 minutes of flight, the rotor with the leading edge of the wood is severely worn, and the vehicles used in the desert are often exposed to the coating and chrome Glass hair and produce pits and so on.


Contaminating the lubricant, blocking the channel and stuck the moving parts

Sand and dust can block the mouth and filter; can drill into the cracks, porosity, bearings, joints, seals, resulting in a variety of harmful effects; can make moving parts, with the components of bonding and blocking (such as switch transfer failure Wait). Sand and dust pollution of the phenomenon of lubricants in daily life often encountered, such as bicycle lubricants are sand and dust pollution; in the desert area of the tank filter blockage is serious, after each need to wash back; all kinds of firearms Due to the role of sand so that the firing is not working. Due to the effect of sand and dust particles, sand and dust particles will penetrate into the product which caused damage to the product, such as the internal combustion engine moving parts stuck and wear, and some products such as airspeed after blocking can not be used.


On the circuit performance

Due to the accumulation and wear of sand and dust, can make contactors and relays do not work, the formation of conductive bridge, resulting in short circuit, which affect the function and performance of products; sand dust will not self-elimination (unlike water vapor will evaporate), and often Is adhered to the equipment, and continue to accumulate, it can absorb moisture to form corrosive electrolytes, and can contribute to biological activity, this effect will be long-term effects on the product.

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