Application Of High Temperature Aging In Electronic Products

Application Of High Temperature Aging In Electronic Products

Application Of High Temperature Aging In Electronic Products

For a good electronic products, not only requires a higher performance indicators, but also have a high stability. The stability of electronic products depends on the design of the fairness, component performance and machine manufacturing process and other factors. At present, the domestic and foreign commonly used high-temperature aging process to improve the stability and reliability of electronic products, through the high temperature aging can make components defects, welding and assembly and other production processes in advance of the hidden danger, to ensure that the factory products can The test of time


Mechanism of high temperature aging

Electronic products in the manufacturing, due to design is not fair、raw materials or process measures cause the problem of the product quality are two categories, the first category is the product performance parameters are not up to the production of products do not meet the requirements; Is a latent defect, such defects can not be found by the general test means, and need to be used in the process of being gradually exposed, such as silicon surface contamination, organizational instability, welding holes, chip and shell thermal resistance matching bad, etc. The In general, this defect requires that the components be operated at rated power and operating at normal operating temperatures for about a thousand hours to be fully activated (exposed). Obviously, testing one thousand hours for each component is unrealistic, so it is necessary to apply thermal stress and bias, such as high temperature power stress testing, to speed up the early exposure of such defects. That is, to the application of electronic products, hot, electrical, mechanical or a variety of integrated external stress, simulation of harsh working environment, the elimination of processing stress and residual solvents and other substances, so that latent failure ahead of time, as soon as possible through the failure of the product tubing characteristics of the initial Stage, into a highly reliable stable period.


After aging, check the electrical parameters, filter out the failure or change the value of the components, as far as possible to eliminate the early product failure before the normal use. This is to improve the reliability of electronic products and extend product life, the necessary assessment of stability in order to remove those who have "premature death" defects in the latent "individual" (components), to ensure that the whole excellent quality and life expectancy The process is the principle of high temperature aging.

          thermal shock test chamber

The other test chamber  that can test electronic products including : climate test chamber,rain test chamber,dust test chamber,xenon aging test chamber,UV weathering test chamber,etc.

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