Do You Understand The influence Of Temperature And humidity To Products?

Do You Understand The influence Of Temperature And humidity To Products?

Do You Understand The influence Of Temperature And humidity To Products?

The impact of temperature changes on the product:

1; products made of different materials, the temperature changes when the product is not heated, resulting in product deformation, sealing products cracking, glass or glassware and optical instruments such as broken,

2; component coating off, potting materials and sealing compounds cracking or even broken shell cracking, filler leakage, so that the electrical properties of components decreased,

3; a large temperature difference, making the product at low temperatures when the surface will produce frost or condensation, at high temperature evaporation or melting, so repeated results lead to and accelerate the corrosion of the product


The temperature changes Environmental effects:

1; component deformation or rupture,

2; sealed warehouse of the leak,

3; to grain or grain rupture,

4; surface coating of the crack,

5; due to rapid condensate or icing caused by electronic or mechanical failure,

6; structure to produce separation,

7; different shrinkage or expansion characteristics of different materials,

8; electrical change,

9; glass products and optical equipment rupture,

10; moving parts stuck or loose


The impact of low temperature on the product

1.Rubber and other flexible materials, the flexibility to reduce, and produce rupture;

2.Metal and plastic brittleness increases, resulting in cracking or cracking;

3.Due to the different shrinkage coefficient of the material, the temperature variable rate is large, will cause the moving parts stuck or not rotating;

4.The viscosity of the lubricant increases or solidifies, the friction between the moving parts increases, causing the movement to slow down, or even stop working;

5.Components of electrical parameters change, affecting the electrical properties of products;

6.Freezing or frosting caused by product structure damage or moisture.


The impact of high temperature on the product

1.Due to the different coefficients of expansion of the various materials, the test chamber leads to the adhesion and migration between the materials;

2.Loss of lubricant or reduced lubricity, increased wear between moving parts;

3.Sealed packing, washers, seals, bearings and rotary shafts;

4.Due to bonding caused by mechanical failure or complete failure;

5.Components of electrical parameters change, affecting the electrical properties of the product

6.Transformer, electromechanical components overheated;

7.Flammable or explosive materials cause combustion or explosion;

8.The internal pressure of the seal increases to cause rupture;

9.Organic materials aging, discoloration, blistering, cracking or cracking;

10.Insulation properties of insulating materials are reduced

1.The impact of hot and humid on the product

2.Humid environment can cause changes in mechanical properties and chemical properties of materials such as bulk expansion and reduced mechanical strength.

3.Due to moisture absorption, so that the sealing product sealing performance is reduced or destroyed, the product surface coating layer peeling, product mark blurred and so on.

4.The surface insulation resistance of the insulating material is reduced due to condensation and adsorption.

5.Due to the absorption and diffusion of moisture, so that the volume resistance of insulating materials decreased, resulting in leakage current.

6.For the machine equipment, will lead to lower sensitivity, frequency drift and so on.

7.Damp heat corrosion is due to the air containing a small amount of acid, alkaline impurities, or due to the surface of the product attached to such as welding slag, perspiration and other pollutants caused by indirect chemical and electrochemical corrosion

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