Maintenance Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Maintenance Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Constant temperature and humidity chamber, also known as constant environmental test chamber, climate test chamber, suitable for testing materials, constant temperature and humidity performance, in order to determine the aging of products and resistance to special environmental performance , The long-term use of the equipment we need to know how to maintain good equipment to extend the life of the equipment, the following are some ways to better maintain him


First, we should always check the constant temperature and humidity test chamber motor with or without debris or even conductive objects, the coil has not been damaged, the rotor and the stator is friction, or the motor will start after the motor burned


Second, the wet ball test cloth replacement, when the test cloth surface is not clean or hardened, or after the completion of temperature control, continue to do before the wet and wet ball control must be replaced test cloth. Test cloth about three months to replace once, replace the application of cleaning cloth to wipe the temperature measurement body, replace the new test cloth should be cleaned


Third, the water tank can not be too high water level, so that the water overflow water tube or too low so that the wet bulb test cloth water is not normal, in order not to affect the accuracy of the wet bulb, the water level can be maintained for about six minutes. Water tank water level adjustment, adjust the level of the water tank (adjust the two sides of the screw)


Fourth, the condenser is easy to dust, so the condenser is best to do at least once a month to give it a maintenance, the use of vacuum cleaners will be attached to the condenser heat dissipation on the mesh or the use of high pressure air dust.

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