DoYou Know Waterproof Grade Of Electronic Products

DoYou Know Waterproof Grade Of Electronic Products


Waterproof test chamber suitable for testing the waterproof performance of automotive lighting, wiper performance, waterproof strip, locomotive and low voltage electrical enclosure protection

DoYou Know Waterproof Grade Of Electronic Products

Recognize the waterproof rating of electronic products

The waterproofing level of the electronic measuring instrument also reflects the ability of the instrument to be moisture-proof and dustproof, especially for outdoor activities where the rabbits are not in a harsh environment of high humidity or dust, and the sealing and waterproofing of the instrument are necessary to ensure the safety of the instrument Operation and life are essential. To this end, the international development of IEC529 standards. In order to adapt to this, the Japanese industrial standards will be electronic equipment waterproof protection is divided into 10 grades, respectively, said IPX1, IPX2 ..........


0 unprotected

1 drop drop I type vertical drop of water droplets without harmful effects

2 drop drop type II and vertical direction into 15 "range of falling water droplets without kiln effect

3 rain and vertical direction within 60 degrees within the range of rain without the impact of guests

4 splash type Any water splash in any direction has no detrimental effect

5 Ejection type Any direction is directly affected by water injection without harmful effects

6 water-resistant any direction directly by the water spray is not talk about people inside

7 anti-dip type in the provisions of the conditions even if immersed in water is not full of people inside

8 water medium long immersion in a certain pressure of water can still be used

9 Moisture type in the relative humidity of 90% of the moisture sample to use

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