The Key to Spraying System of Salt Spray Chamber

The Key to Spraying System of Salt Spray Chamber

The Key to Spraying System of Salt Spray Chamber

How to operate the salt spray chamber step by step

For Salt Spray test chamber the steps in the test process are quite rigorous, this’s for ensuring the accuracy of the test results. Interpretation of the test steps of salt spray test chamber

First: connect the power cord, air pressure pipe, then open the lid and pour pure water or distilled water into the tank , until the lamp of low water level on the panel is turned off, otherwise will not be able to Normal work.

Second: the test chamber’s drainage pipe and exhaust pipe need to be connected, then add water to isolation tank, to avoid leakage of salt spray.

Third: When everything is ready, you can press the power switch to turn on the power, and then press the running switch, the temperature of the test chamber and the temperature value of the saturator set, the setting method only on the control panel Two CNC instruments were assigned to the profile, set the required temperature value, to be set before the file to the measurement file, under normal circumstances the test temperature should be set to 35 ℃, the saturation temperature is set to around 38 ° C.

Fourth: salt spray test chamber on the right side of the over-temperature protection control value is generally set at 55 ℃, to prevent the temperature control instrument failure and burn the box. When the working room temperature exceeds 55 ℃, over-temperature protection will automatically cut off the total power supply, the user should not arbitrarily transfer the protector.

Fifth: poured salt water into the saltwater tank, the wet ball cups to add water, wet bulb thermometer cover gauze, and place of gauze in the wet ball cup.

Sixth: the sample on the shelves, and set the experimental requirements of the angle, through the control instrument on the test parameters related to set, and then press the power, operation keys, etc., you can start the test.